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Valentines Day Gift Guide for Him

Fri 09 Feb 24

Valentines day often gets a bad rep because of its commercialized nature, and it can be downright irritating when couples shove their PDA (public displays of affection) down everyone else’s throat. But let’s be honest, for those in a relationship, there is always some expectation of a gift.

It doesn't have to be extravagant; a small token to show you've put thought into it can make all the difference. Chocolates are a classic choice, but if you want to couple it (get it?) with something else, or even buy yourself a present, then here are some ideas that cover different hobbies and interests. 


For the Experience Seekers

Create lasting memories by opting for an experience rather than material gifts. Choose a relaxing spa day, a cooking class, or a wine tasting session. Get competitive with an activity like go-karting, or if you are both adrenaline junkies (or you really love your partner), take the plunge with a day of bungee jumping.



For the Players

He may be a retired player on the streets, but he can still be a player at home with fun board games like Cluedo Conspiracy, Articulate, or even a chess set. Create your very own at-home arcade with mini table tennis or pool table kits.

If you want to add some sauciness, get a naughty pack of cards… you know the one’s I’m talking about. 

If he has a game console and you’re fed up with watching him stare at the screen all day, explore video games that you can play together, such as ‘It Takes Two’ or ‘Mario Party Superstars’.


For the Fashionistas 

If your man likes to look good, but hasn’t got anything specific on his wish list, you can’t go wrong with a sensible sweater. This Stone Island one, for example, is a generous gift for any fashionable man, plus you can make up that the pink tone is symbolic of love. 


Stone Island Men's Soft Cotton Crew Neck Knit Pink


If you’re planning on celebrating with a cosy night in, get matching loungewear to be cute and cuddly in. Alternatively, a pack of luxurious underwear is a winning staple, especially if you throw in a hot red pair. Check out Skims for a dedicated Valentine’s collection or go for this set of form fitting boxers by Hugo Boss.


Hugo Boss Boxer Shorts


For the Trinket Collectors

Jewellery is the age-old gift between lovers- a keepsake to clutch to your heart when you are apart. I would advise to stay away from heart shaped cliches or a locket with your face in it, but subtle his and hers bracelets and necklaces can be meaningful and tasteful gifts. There are plenty of creative and inexpensive options too! You can now dedicate a song to your Valentine through a scannable Spotify keychain. For the vintage connoisseur, a pocket watch or cigarette holder may tickle their fancy- make it special by engraving their name on it. Or dive into the Acne scarf hype if you are feeling extra generous. 


Acne Studios Men's Varinga Tie-Dye Mohair Scarf


For the Groomed Gentlemen

For a scent that is inoffensive that both of you can enjoy, Boss Bottled Night mingles notes of lavender birch tree and African violet Louro Amarelo tree to create an aromatic woody fragrance. 


Hugo Boss Bottled Night


For the Gym Bros 

Support his fitness journey with a health themed present. You could splurge on an Apple Watch, but there are also plenty of cheaper smartwatches that track heart rate, steps, kilometres and all that good stuff. Explore smart clothing like breathable and waterproof windbreakers or high-quality running shoes


Adidas Originals Men's Adventure Windbreaker Black


For a Sentimental Moment

Immortalize cherished memories together with a photo album or handmade card. Put a unique spin on it by getting your pictures printed on sweet treats like a box of marshmallows. For a silly gift, order a personalised cushion or hoodie with a funny picture of yourself on it, so everyone knows he is taken! 


For the Epicureans

There is a reason chocolate is the go-to present for valentines- its sweet, delicious and the ideal gift for any stage of the relationship. However, if you want to really treat him, put together a hamper of his favourite goodies. You can find ready made ones and services like Fortnum & Mason's where you can assemble your own, but bear in mind they can be more expensive. 



If you want to go the extra mile, Hendricks Gin and Wierderhoeft have done a rare valentines capsule collection – “Gintimates,” the world’s first and only collection of cocktail intimates. Picture a bottle of gin dressed in a rose adorned corset! Of course, a decent bottle of wine will also do the trick. 


This Valentine's Day, there's no excuse not to pamper your loved one. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

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