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How to Style: The Wide Leg Trend

Fri 26 Jan 24

Sacai, Valentino, Zegna, and many other top names in fashion embraced the wide-leg trend in last week’s runways, and the same occurred at the Spring 2024 shows.

When it comes to trousers, the male fashion standard seems to have oscillated between revealing the shape of the body and covering it extensively.

From the Georgian era's pantyhose and high heels to the 1930s-40s abandonment of slim fits for wider legs, the trouser journey has seen it all.

The 1970s introduced disco flares, which were tight on top and wide at the bottom, and the 90s were all for baggy pants.

Now, it seems the wide leg trouser might truly define a new era.



Unless you really know how to rock it, the skinny look is gone. Anything tighter than a straight leg you can put in a box to the left.

In fact, we saw some pretty billowy trousers at fashion week. Not only are they comfier, but they also instantly elevate an outfit, exuding soft, easy elegance, which is what it’s all about now.

Smart tailoring is back for all occasions, and these are the perfect choice for both everyday wear and showing out.

Don’t worry, you can still be hot without practically popping out of your clothing.

Wide leg trousers are super versatile. People often think that something loose-fitting always has to be paired with something else that’s tight fitting. But the baggy look is much more popular now, and designers don’t always like to play by the rules.

As long as there is some shape or structure, then the outfit can work. Layering can really help add dimension to your look too.

Let’s take a look at some outfit ideas with different versions of the wide leg trouser.


Look 1 – Bohemian Streetwear

Nike Terminator High Tops Amiri Wide Leg Jeans


Score yourself a pair of wide-leg jeans with just the right amount of thickness – not too stiff, not too baggy, hitting that sweet spot of relaxed yet polished. Now, when it comes to shirts, it's hard to go wrong – plain or colourful, it’s your pick.

Take a cue from your old school uniform and throw on a white shirt paired with a loosely tied tie for a smart-casual twist.

Feeling a bit bold? This bandana print shirt is a good example. You can tuck in one side or wear it open with a vest underneath.

Throw on a brown belt, lace up some high-tops in a complementary tone, and there you have it – a well-thought-out, laid-back look.

Top it off with a baseball cap and sling a shoulder bag or tote over your shoulder, and you're all set for whatever is thrown your way – be it a study date or chill night at the pub with your mates!


Look 2- Utility meets preppy


I picture this look as what Danny Lomas would wear if he had to style a streetwear look – it elevates utility wear from the what you expect to see at a ‘dutty’ British festival to something more runway-approved.

Grab yourself some cargo trousers in a parachute material (if you don't mind the sound effects) or a thicker canvas fabric, then layer a rollneck top under a shirt, and voilà – a winning combo.

Go for a monochrome look or alternate colours. This look showcases pink/beige Adidas Sambas – not just because they're universally adored but also because they bring a touch of rounded sophistication that chunky shoes might miss.

Slip into black cargos, a Pink Stone Island with a slightly different hue from the shoe, over a black rollneck. Experiment with tucking it in to let the utility buckle shine.

Spruce it up with a sleek crossbody or handheld bag, and if you're feeling adventurous, add a bomber jacket or windbreaker for some extra flair. Weather permitting, let that Stoney badge steal the show!


Look 3- The Fun Boss


Hoodies and blazers are the new office appropriate wear. You can even find jackets with built in hoodies if you are lazy. Throw on a t-shirt, then a hoodie (better if it’s colourful and oversized), a neutral blazer, or alternatively a smart jacket or topcoat, but oversized is better in this case.

You want to have a dynamic silhouette and have space for your layers, not feel constricted whenever you move. Pair with high top converse, something chunkier like Doc Martens or a pair of New Balance.


Look 4- All-over elegance


Finally, we get to the suit trousers- which were everywhere at fashion week. Of course, the classic all matching suit is an easy showstopper and looks great with both single and double-breasted blazers.

Invest in a well-fitting, nicely made pair of suit trousers. Slip into some long black socks and a pair of sharp loafers for that timeless appeal.

Then, if you want to mix it up a bit, try this military style Amiri collar blazer. Only fasten the top button, letting it drape dynamically and revealing a peek of the untucked white shirt underneath.

Feeling like something more bit more casual? Swap in blazer for a cropped leather or suede jacket instead.


Whether you're a fan of casual elegance, streetwear flair, or a blend of the two, the wide-leg trouser is the go-to choice to easily show off your fashion-forward style.


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