C.P. Company and Palace Have Done It Again

Tue 12 Dec 23

I spy with my little eye, another C.P. Company and Palace collaboration for the books. The dynamic duo’s aesthetics are a match made in heaven, and their 8th December drop does not disappoint.

Palace’s London-centric streetwear style finds the perfect canvas in C.P. Company’s reputation for cutting-edge materials and functional outerwear. Practicality meets irreverent detailing so that you can add a bit of fizz to your winter wardrobe.


Following their successful 2022 collaboration, the Holiday 2023 collection has a similar vibe, bringing fresh adaptations of tested favourites. The Italian brand’s signature pieces are reworked through Palace’s distinctive lens, which was born out of the London skate scene and aims to represent youth culture with its streetwear silhouettes.

“For the second chapter of this collaboration, Palace has taken some of C.P. Company’s iconic shapes and fabrics, resulting in a collection that blends technical know-how with an experimental aesthetic and meticulous focus on detail,” shares Palace.


C.P. Palace Kan-D Goggle Jacket

Can there be a C.P. Company collaboration without a Goggle Jacket? Everyone wants a piece of this evergreen icon from Massimo Osti’s design legacy, and Palace is no different.

First made in the 1980s for the Mille Miglia off-road race, the design was aimed at protecting the wearer from the elements.

As it became a cult fashion piece, the weather wearing properties have taken a back seat to the adoration of the goggles’ main character energy. It’s no wonder they have been copy and pasted onto loads of other products.

The Goggle Jacket takes on a shiny new appearance in the Holiday collection. It’s built with two layers, a removable white fleece lining, and an outer shell made from Kan-D, a type of nylon named for its resemblance to cellophane candy wrappers.

The co-branding on the fleece layer is clearly visible from the outside, thanks to the transparency of the outer jacket. Utilitarian style boxy pockets hold lots of storage space (in full view for the public, mind you). This piece can be worn throughout the year thanks to its double layered structure, and you can show off any outfit underneath the see-through jacket.

C.P. Palace Flatt Nylon Goggle Jacket

The collection also offers a more straightforward opaque version in black or ‘tangerine’. It’s crafted with Flatt Nylon for a softer, matte finish, and features a removable goggle mask and separate mask over the nose and mouth.

Once again, C.P. Company offers practicality as well as fashion, and the full coverage of this piece would make it great for skiing, for example. Matching cargo pants are also available to complete the look.


C.P. Palace D.D. Shell Rip-Stop Explorer Jacket

Another archival star, the Explorer Jacket, is reimagined in blue D.D. Shell Rip-Stop. Similar to the Goggle Jacket but with an extended front zip, this close cousin features goggles and full-face coverage for when you feel like shutting out people or the outside world.

Made with a thinner uncoated nylon and filled with down for softness and warmth, the material and silhouette promise a nice light-dark effect. You might notice a nylon theme here, and that’s because it remains the fabric of choice for outerwear companies like C.P. Company and Stone Island due to its lightweight and durable nature.

It’s not the most sustainable of materials, but you can achieve lots of different finishes and they will withstand quite a bit of wear and tear.

THREADSPY Collection Summary 

The rest of the collection offers mix-and-matchable everyday wear in blue, khaki green and black colourways.

Co-branded graphic tees, cotton fleece hoodies and a lambswool funnel neck sweater with ‘Palace Company’ spelled out on the front make for easy outfits which can be levelled up with the accessories.

While the goggled balaclava didn’t return for another season, the goggles have found their way to the back of beanies and trapper style caps with retractable earflaps. Like with standard caps, you can wear them both ways and we’re here for it.

There is also a Nylon B shoulder bag whose adjustable straps and buckles can transform it into a backpack, and a down-filled D.D. Shell scarf to match the Explorer Jacket. In true Palace fashion, the collection is fashionable without forsaking cosiness. What more could you want?

The campaign was shot in C.P. Company home territory in the picturesque landscapes of northern Italy, but it has Palace’s fingerprints all over it.

Featuring Palace skate team members Lucien Clarke, Rory Milanes, Danny Brady, and artist Andrea Rennin (Massimo Osti’s muse in the 1980s), they casually frolic around water and hang out in a small provincial town. Palace’s irreverent attitude comes through in a campaign video that shows off the collection but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Palace’s effortless charm joined with C.P. company’s material magic is a winning combination, so here’s to hoping for more collaborations in the future. After all, there is always going to be something else you can add goggles to!

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