Fear of God and Adidas Athletics’ is a Sinful Pleasure

Wed 20 Dec 23

If you're already acquainted with Fear of God, the recent collaboration introducing the new athletics line with Adidas probably met your expectations – an amiable array of understated, neutral-toned streetwear with a basics-oriented touch.

Nothing too extravagant, right? Yet, Jerry Lorenzo's brand consistently generates a noteworthy level of hype and excitement.

So, what is it about Jerry Lorenzo's brand that commands such clout? Because it can’t just be the name ‘Fear of God’, which admittedly is kind of awesome but sounds more like the title of an award-winning film than that of a fashion brand.

A woman wearing a head visor looks to the sky wearing Fear of God x Adidas clothing.

Since its launch in 2013, Fear of God has forged collaborations with notable names like Vans, Nike and Ermenegildo Zegna, solidifying its place among the highly coveted streetwear brands.

However, the brand’s luxury pricing has sparked divided opinions. While influencers flaunt their monochrome tracksuits on social media, others question the hefty price tags.

For some, splurging on loungewear is a flex, but for others, a plain t-shirt surpassing 200 pounds is just plain wrong. Fear not though – pun intended – as the brand later introduced its Essentials line, offering more budget friendly options. 

While Fear of God does use luxurious materials like cashmere and virgin wool, and Lorenzo sources organic cotton and 100% nylon, the true appeal of the brand lie in its effortlessly cool image.

The brand's meticulously curated social media pages and campaigns epitomise what is now termed 'silent streetwear' – a simple, yet powerful, expression of style.

The campaign visuals stole the spotlight during the Athletics range release- the Adidas and Fear of God released mesmerizing teaser shots and a video that exuded both epic and holy vibes.

Models walked on water towards a trinity of natural rock pillars in the distance, while desert hues and the otherworldly setting reminded me of scenes from Dune.

The high contrast lighting, hazy atmosphere and muted tones added an ethereal touch to the collection.

The three rocks echo the concept of trinity embedded in the new logo, in which each pillar represents one of the streetwear brand’s sub-ranges- Fear of God, Essentials and Athletics.

The prices are still a tad sinful, apart from the sneakers, which are comparable to many mid-range products from Nike or Salomon.

Other than several women’s items, the first collection is fully unisex and mixes performance wear, loungewear, and fashion.

Smooth micro-suede envelops the shoes and bags, and the incorporation of recycled polyester in many of the garments provides a welcome eco-friendly surprise nice.

A suede duffle bag & a single '86 Lo shoe.

True to Fear of God's philosophy, the collection is simple and understated, featuring shades of black, grey, and cream, discreet branding, and uncomplicated silhouettes. It’s the streetwear version of quiet luxury.

The shoe collection includes one pair of sliders and three sneakers. The sliders, reminiscent of Adidas Adilette, carry the Fear of God twist – black and white with the signature three stripes, an improved footbed, and an embossed Fear of God logo on the sole.

The FOG Los Angeles runner combines comfort and style with a suede upper, ripstop nylon fabric, and a thick angled sole featuring an organic wavy design.

A pair of Los Angeles Runner's

Could this next sneaker be a contender for the Air Force 1s? It’s what Jerry’s had in mind for the ’86 low, and its clean, stylish look with a sheared suede upper and rubber soles does indeed capture the easy wearability of Air Forces. 

Finally, the Basketball 1s sport a sloped look with a sculpted toe covered in a TPU film, a neoprene upper with reinforced mesh, and 'Light Strike' cushioning – the same Adidas uses for many of its running shoes.

A single Fear of God Athletics One Model Sneaker

The silhouette boasts Jerry Lorenzo's distinctive design cues, while the 3-Stripes branding is borrowed from the Adidas Predator line of football boots.

To round out the collection, running shorts and jersey tees cater to sweaty training sessions, while an array of fleece hoodies and sweatpants will keep you warm relaxed and looking good before and after your workout.

3 Items from the collection. 2 T shirts, overlapped centrally by one black fleece.

The black and beige suede duffle bags are spacious and sophisticated- definitely not the kind of bag to cram into a tight locker. Car coats add a touch of formality for an all-round relaxed yet put together look.

Fear of God x Adidas Athletics, with its unique blend of androgynous simplicity, performance, and comfort, aligns seamlessly with the tastes of understated individuals.

As masters of high-quality, elevated basics, each release becomes an eagerly anticipated event. And you're in luck – this isn't a one-off release or collaboration; it's the birth of a new sub-brand, promising a plethora of exciting releases in the future. We won’t judge you for indulging.

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