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Eclectic Grandpa Madness Has Taken Over

Fri 02 Feb 24

As the new year rolled in, so did the first trends of the year, and not just within the confines of fashion week. If you’ve been scrolling through Tik Tok, chances are you have stumbled across videos on how to style the ‘eclectic grandpa’ trend.

What began as a microtrend has since broken free from the TikTok bubble and is now part of the broader Gen Z vocabulary.

It seems our elders are the new fashion icons- first the ‘coastal grandma’ trend, now this. Is this the universe telling us to channel our inner grandpa in all his fashion wisdom?



So, what’s the look?

Well, knitwear is a must, whether in the form of a cardigan, sweater vest or jumper- emphasis on cosiness and bonus points for colourful or playful prints, because who said fashion can't be fun?

Some bold souls are even styling stripy boxer shorts as actual shorts, but if you're aiming for a distinguished gentleman vibe, maybe keep those in the undies drawer.

When it comes to shoes, you've got plenty of options, from loafers and moccasins to retro sneakers like the Adidas Samba and Spezial.

You could go straight classic or try adding a modern twist with something like the Junya Watanabe NB 1906r loafers recently shown at fashion week. 



Now, let's talk accessories, your secret weapon for customising and spicing up an outfit. Baseball caps, silk scarves, funky socks and of course some bling- whether it’s a wristwatch or a proper old-school pocket watch, any of these will add detail and depth to your fit.

Here’s the deal- you don’t want it to look like you just pulled some clothes off the shop rack!

This leads to my next point, one which has become a topic of debate online: while grandpa core is currently on trend and aligns with the classic styles spotted on the runways in January (go and watch the Prada and S.S. Daley menswear shows, for instance), it shouldn’t necessarily be interpreted as a cue to go on a shopping spree.



Sure, you could hit the shops and grab the latest trend pieces to emulate the look. What’s more challenging lies in finding those gems that become steadfast, timeless pieces in your wardrobe, regardless of the ever-changing fashion scene.

That’s where true grandpa core shines- it’s all about personal style.

The items you keep wearing for years are those that genuinely represent your authentic style. The real-life eclectic grandpas have spent a lifetime curating their favourite pieces, each with its own story, making it extra special.

The key word here is eclectic, meaning you mix it up with bits from different genres, places, and eras. Quality over quantity, always.



For a dose of inspiration, check out Tyler the Creator, who has perfected the knitwear and baseball cap game and always lets his quirky personality shine through in his fashion. But we shouldn’t idolise the style without giving credit to the trendsetters themselves.

The fashion industry is finally waking up to diversification, featuring more older models and celebrity partners. For example, Loewe recruited Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Kith brought in Brian Cox for its Fall 2023 campaign.

Despite the stereotype that older individuals aren't fashionable, they've actually lived through some of the best fashion eras – surely, they've picked up a thing or two along the way!

Look no further than people you encounter in everyday life and take notes. You could even visit your grandparents and raid their closet. My grandma loves gifting me her stuff!



If not, hit up your local charity or vintage shops. You might have to dig through piles of ugly tees and scratchy jumpers before you strike gold, but that’s part of the thrill of bargain hunting!

You could also begin investing in high quality, versatile pieces like a wax Barbour jacket, quilted vest, or soft cashmere jumper.


So, if you're aiming for cool uncle, distinguished gentleman, or just nifty vintage vibes, then it's time to tap into that old soul energy.  

Start curating your wardrobe with unique pieces now, and by the time you are a grandparent, people might want to copy your style!

Take this trend as a message to find your authentic style and cultivate it, because those who really show off their personality are always the most fashionable.

Whether you're swiping stuff from your grandpa's wardrobe or building your own collection, let the eclectic grandpa madness take over, and revel in telling fashion story. 

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