The best-dressed men of Hollywood in 2023

Whenever there are awards ceremonies for film, television, or music, one of the topics that comes up the most frequently is “who wore what?”. There are a number of male celebrities that turn up, wearing debonair clothing and sporting a range of eye-catching accessories that get people talking. 

With such an ensemble of stylish male celebrities, such as Travis Scott, Harry Styles, and Timothée Chalamet, you may wonder which of Hollywood's male celebrities tend to be the best dressed. 

Well, our experts at ThreadSpy have ventured to answer that exact question. We researched the most stylish male celebrities, looking at Google searches, Instagram posts, and TikTok views about their outfits and fashion. Additionally, we’ve looked at which have featured on the cover of GQ Magazine the most over the last decade. 

The best-dressed male celebrities

1. Travis Scott

Brand Score: 9.87 out of 10

Coming in as the best-dressed male celebrity of 2023 is Travis Scott, with a score of 9.07 out of ten. Travis Scott loves to sport cargo pants, so much so he has collaborated with Maharishi, a clothing label well known for its utilitarian style. Travis came in the top five for the most Google searches and Instagram posts admiring his fashion and outfits. He also placed in the top ten for TikTok views. Travis has appeared on the cover of GQ Magazine twice over the last decade, the joint third highest.

2. Justin Bieber

Best Dressed Score: 9.04

In second place, we have Justin Bieber, scoring 9.04 out of ten. Justin placed in the top five for TikTok views and Instagram posts for his outfits and fashion, ranking 12th for the most Google searches. Like Travis, Justin has also appeared on the cover of GQ twice since March 2013. Seen sporting a cult-favourite Off-White hoodie in his music video “I’ll Show You”, Justin’s style has evolved from sporting skinny jeans to making any preposterous outfit he wears at work, turning doubters into Beliebers. 

3. The Weeknd

Best Dressed Score: 8.71

The Weeknd takes third place among the best-dressed male celebrities, with a score of 8.71 out of ten. He came in the top fifteen for Google searches and Instagram posts dedicated to  his styles, then ranked in the top three for TikTok views. The Weeknd has also appeared on the cover of GQ twice in the last decade, including the first-ever global edition. 

The most Googled male celebrities in fashion

1. Harry Styles

Total Outfit and Fashion Google Searches: 793,400

Harry Styles is the most Googled male celebrity for his outfits and fashion sense, inspiring more than 793,400 searches in the last 12 months. The global star’s style has evolved since his One Direction days, now following his own fashion instincts to create more daring and unique looks, finishing off most style statements with a pair of vibrant Adidas Gazelles, his famous shoe of choice.

2. Tyler The Creator

Total Outfit and Fashion Google Searches: 254,600

Coming in second is Tyler The Creator, racking up over 254,000 searches worldwide for his outfits and fashion choices in the last year. Tyler The Creator mostly styles himself in offbeat reimaginations of preppy classics, such as cardigans, chinos and bold prints.

3. Ryan Gosling

Total Outfit and Fashion Google Searches: 223,000

And rounding out this top three, we have Ryan Gosling, with 233,000 Google searches for his fashion and outfits worldwide over the last year. A regular feature of GQ’s best-dressed men in the world, Gosling has been a style icon and red carpet fixture since The Notebook; his looks are more than ‘Kenough’ to impress.

The best-dressed male celebrities on Instagram

1. Harry Styles

Total Instagram Outfit & Fashion Posts: 44,102

Harry Styles, having topped the Google rankings, also comes in as the most Instagrammed best-dressed male celebrity. As of 2023, there are more than 44,000 posts about his fashion and outfits. 

2. Justin Bieber

Total Instagram Outfit & Fashion Posts: 19,133

Justin Bieber comes in second, having already ranked as the second-best-dress male celebrity, with over 19,000 Instagram posts dedicated to his style choices.

3. A$AP Rocky

Total Instagram Outfit & Fashion Posts: 9,811

In third is A$AP Rocky, with just under 10,000 Instagram posts admiring his style. Rocky has incredible outfit versatility, from low-key styles like baggy jeans and t-shirts to high-octane tailoring from some of his favourite luxury brands, such as Gucci and Balenciaga. As his song “Fashion Killa” suggests, when it comes to stylish dressing, A$AP Rocky is killing it.

The best-dressed male celebrities on TikTok

1. Harry Styles

Total TikTok Outfit & Fashion Views: 157,500,000

Harry Styles once again tops the rankings, this time as the best-dressed male celebrity on TikTok. As of 2023, there are more than 157.5 million stamps of approval for his fashion choices on TikTok.

2. The Weeknd

Total TikTok Outfit & Fashion Views: 17,507,461

Taking second place, we have The Weeknd, who has more than 17.5 million views on TikTok applauding his retro looks. The Weeknd often sports looks from the 70s and 80s, revelling in the murky glamour of the period. Though many may remember the glittering red Givenchy blazer he wore at the Super Bowl LV.

3. Drake

Total TikTok Outfit & Fashion Views: 11,170,400

Rounding out the top three, we have Drake, with just over 11 million views on TikTok celebrating his fashion and outfit choices. Drake’s style is often regular clothes, with the hip-hop rap star staying loyal to his OVO sneaker collab partner Nike, except he knows how to wear and style them better than most; he can, however, also dress up fancy with the best of them. 

The best-dressed male celebrities on the cover of GQ Magazine

1. Pharrell Williams

GQ Cover Appearances: 4

Pharrell Williams has appeared on the cover of GQ Magazine a total of four times since March 2013, most recently in the September 2023 issue. Pharrell arguably brought streetwear to the world of high-end fashion and was even appointed Head of Menswear for Louis Vuitton this year, following the death of Virgil Abloh. Over the years, the singing sensation has created a fashion world of his own, with numerous partnerships with huge labels such as Moncler, Billionaire Boys Club and Adidas.  And, of course, there was the iconic Grammy Awards hat.

2.  Robert Pattinson
Ryan Gosling
Timothée Chalamet
GQ Cover Appearances: 3

There is a three-way tie for second place between Robert Pattinson, Ryan Gosling, and Timothée Chalamet. All three have been featured on the cover of GQ Magazine three times since March 2013. Chalamet is the most recent person to feature, having done so in the November 2023 issue. 

3. Brad Pitt
Chris Hemsworth
Justin Bieber
Ryan Reynolds
The Weeknd
Travis Scott
GQ Cover Appearances: 2

And for joint-third place, there is a massive six-way tie between Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, and The Weeknd. Each of these fashion and style icons has been featured on the cover of GQ Magazine twice since March 2013.

Methodology -

We began by building a list of the best-dressed male celebrities over the last few years, using GQ’s “The most stylish men of 2022” and “The best-dressed guys of the week”, as well as Vogue’s “Are These the 10 Most Stylish Men of Our Time?” and Matt G Styles “15 Most Fashionable Male Celebs”. Any names omitted from these lists was due to a lack of data.

We then used Google Keyword Planner to search each celebrity name with the terms “Fashion” and “Outfit” to get the worldwide search volume from October 2022 to September 2023. We then combined both search terms for the total Google search volume.

Then, using Instagram and TikTok, we searched each celebrity name with “Fashion” and “Outfit” to get the number of Instagram posts and TikTok views for each term. We then combined both terms for Instagram and TikTok separately to get the total volume for each social media site. This data was collected on 2/11/2023.

And lastly, using Zinio, we were able to get the name of each male celebrity featured on the cover of GQ from March 2013 to November 2023. We then got their total number of cover appearances to determine the most featured male celebrity. Any celebrity that was omitted from these covers was due to a lack of data.

We then ranked each celebrity on all the factors, giving them a normalised score out of 10 to determine the best-dressed male celebrity.